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National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation (NOHR)

President: Geraldine Dietz Fox
Public Information Contact: Sarah Schreiner
Address: P.O. Box 421NarberthPA19072
Voice: (610) 664-3135
Fax: (610) 668-1428
Last updated: 2014 May 2

The National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation (NOHR) is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose primary objective is to fund research into the prevention, causes, treatments, and cures for hearing loss and deafness. NOHR funds grant proposals that target innovative auditory projects; proposal submissions are reviewed by members of NOHR’s Scientific Review Committee. The most important review criteria for research proposals are scientific value and potential to yield significant new insights in the field of auditory science. Regeneration of sensory hair cells of the inner ear is a research funding priority, and examinations by other scientific disciplines are encouraged. Grant application information is available upon request.