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Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP)

Executive Director: Kate Palmer
Deputy Director: Alison Alpert
Address: 419 Lafayette StreetNew YorkNY10003
Voice: (888) 474-7277
Fax: (888) 474-7277
Last updated: 2014 May 2

The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP) is the largest peer-run organization in the world serving individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum. GRASP operates a support and advocacy network, conducts educational outreach, and serves as an informational clearinghouse on autism-related issues. Its bylaws stipulate that the executive director, all members of its advisory board, and half of its board of directors must be on the autism spectrum. GRASP has many professional affiliations and works with parents’ organizations, universities, service agencies, research institutions, autism organizations, and advocacy organizations. GRASP offers 27 peer-run regional support groups and many online. Visitors to the website can subscribe to an e-list to stay informed of new educational articles.